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    FRM-93500 - Need help

      Hi all,

      Anyone of you encounter below error when try to compile a form in Forms Builder?
      FRM-93500: unexcepted error while attempting to create the runtime process.
      Contact your system administrator.

      Form can be compiled at the first time after Oracle_11g_Developers_v2 installation and configuration. However, after PC is restarted, and re-compile the form, above error will hit.

      Kindly advice. Thanks.

      Below are related release notes:
      Oracle : Release
      Java Development Kit : jdk-6u27-windows-i586

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Welcome to the Forums ;-)

          Let's start with the basics. Exactly which version have you installed and on what platform have you installed it? Is the OS 32 or 64bit? If the OS is 64bit and you are trying to use Forms 11.1.2.x, you need to use the 64bit version of the Oracle software (FMw and WLS and JDK). Also, the error you mentioned is a runtime error and not a compiler error. Are you trying to compile or run a form?
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            hi Michael,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Installed Form Services version is and platform used is OS 32bit.
            Form can be compiled successfully, but when I try to Run Form via Oracle Forms Builder, will hit this error.
            I also try to access Application Server URL by IE which define in Oracle Forms Builder's Runtime Perferences, hit this error too.
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              FRM-93500: unexpected error while attempting to create the runtime process

              Cause: An unchecked Exception or Error was encountered while attempting to create the runtime process. Typically, a runtime process creation error would cause a more specific message.

              Action: Examine the stack trace that accompanies this message. If the stack trace indicates a possible cause, correct it. If the problem persists, contact Oracle Support Services.

              Hope this helps

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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                Try the following url. If the test form works correctly then the problem is likely in you form.


                If the form displays properly, clicking on its OK button will cause it to exit.

                I forgot to mention, it is important that the OS user who owns the installation must be the user that starts and stops it. In other words, if "oracle" performed the installation, then "Justine" should not be the one trying to start it. The instance must be started by "oracle".


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