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    BPM and UCM Integration

      I want to save some flexField value of a BPM human task into a custom field created in UCM doc store, for that i am following the following steps

      1) Created a custom field in UCM document store
      2) Created a flex field in BPM work Space
      3) Added pay load in human task from the "*data*" tab of human task flow
      4) Mapped Pay load with the flex field of BPM Work Space
      5) Now when I want to map the pay load attribute by adding a custom attribute in the "documents" tab of the human task, IDE is not allowing to add any custom fields except the pre populated values.

      In this situation if I want one of my human task payload attribute to be saved in the custom field created in the document store how to do it. According to the Oracles guide we can add a new attribute through the "**document**" tab of the human task flow but it is not happening.