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    Data controls have corrupted and keep showing no data controls

      I am in the process of adding JSFF pages for some of our database tables for our product application for listing the rows of the various tables.
      At this point, one JSFF page will retrieve the data from one table. There are no SQL joins yet.

      Initially pages came up fine and things looked like working ok.

      I then wanted to insert some new columns to a JSFF page.
      Drag and dropped new columns onto JSFF page and suddenly my data controls have stopped showing.

      I tried the following but none of them fixed the issue.

      1. I cleaned the entire product application and rebuilt it. It showed 0 errors and 0 warnings.
      2. Uninstalled JDeveloper and reinstalled and rebuilt the product application.

      Still JDeveloper reports the following errors whenever I click on refresh data controls.

      Mar 23, 2013 6:40:44 AM oracle.adfdtinternal.model.ide.jdev.JDevDataControlManager notifyAfterPopulatingDataControls
      INFO: Number of data controls:0

      I created a new mini application (non-product) and that does show data controls as expected.

      Can someone point out the issue in our product application?


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