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    driver alias Warning for "pci103c,3355"

      On Solaris 10 with latest patch level SunOS host1 5.10 Generic_148889-02 i86pc i386 i86pc I have the following Warning in mesd

      Mar 22 18:04:42 host1 genunix: [ID 723599 kern.warning] WARNING: Driver alias "pci103c,3355" conflicts with an existing driver name or alias.

      I looked around in file /etc/driver_aliases and found the following entry

      cpqary3 "pci103c,3355""pci103c,3356"

      Is this correct or should be better in two separate lines e.g.

      cpqary3 "pci103c,3355"
      cpqary3 "pci103c,3356"

      I did not tried this on so far.