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    How relate Procurement Contract and Purchase Order

      We are going to use Oracle Procurement Contracts and Purchasing in Oracle Apps R12.1.3 version.
      I think that modules have to work together.
      We activated Procurement Contracts and profile "PO: Contracts Enabled"
      We have in "Purchase Order" actions 'view Contract terms', and functionality to chose Contract template and clause, "Manage Contract Documents" - that all.
      Can we create from it, or relate with this PO a real Contract, that we see in Contracts Workbench?

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          Use Oracle Contract Terms module as the module for defining contract templates and clauses. Once you define it in this module, the templates will be available in Oracle Purchasing.

          I am not sure if the Contracts Workbench is integrated with Oracle PO. It was not in earlier versions but it maybe in 12.1.3. You may want to check on that.