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    The SQL Developer Map Viewer

      So I have been waiting a while and I am still hoping for:

      Control over the presentation of sdo_point geometries since:

      When they are currently the balloon to sizes so large as to make them unusable,

      - This is really a deal breaker and I am really trying to get students at UC Berkeley to use this tool!

      The ability to share queries

      - When new students arrive it would be OH so very nice to be able to point them as a file or set of files and tell them:

      Here are the base viewing queries that we use to display the road information that you are interested in.

      The ability to pull in a MAP TILE

      We want to use this tool to allow these students to view the networks ( nodes and links ) in reference to a map.

      Bug Fix for:

      1. If you move the un-docked map ( on the linux Version ) the divider between the query list and the map surface just jumps all over the place.


      I support the school of engineering. These students are working on traffic modeling and will go forth to cities and organizations. Do you want them to use and recommend Oracle products or those of a competitor? I know Simon is working on geoRaptor but it is complex and this is a nice simple clean interface.