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    Issue with a form on a table

      Hey all,

      I´ve got a issue with a form on a table and I´m helpless.
      I have two pages. The first page is a report with a column link.
      When I click the link, I want to go to the second page and show the row in detail. The value of the column link is the primary key of the table.
      When I click the column link, I get redirected to the second page. But the second page is always showing the first dataset of the table.
      When I look a the session items I can see the correct value. But I don´t get on the correct dataset. The form on the second page shows always the first dataset.
      When I call the second page directly, the first dataset is shown too. I would expect, that the form must be empty.

      Has anybody an advice?

      Thank you in advance and best regards,