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    Integration with Weblogic Server 10.3.x


      When I use mod_oc4j in OAS 10.1.2., then I can use the directive Oc4jMount configured OHS. If you use this directive html-code that is returned to the client will contain only the URL that hosts the portal. Get some opaque proxy (much like mod_rewrite's [P] flag).

      Use mod_proxy, or mod_rewrite did not succeed - in html-code returned to the client portal to prescribe direct links to portlets.

      My problem is that Oc4jMount can use ajp13, and my server with portlets (Weblogic) gives information via http.

      Is there a way to mount http-resource in Oracle Application Server Portal 10.1.2?

      Is this possible to use portal based on Oracle Application Server Portal 10.1.2 and portlets for this portal deployed on Weblogic 10.3.x ?

      Thx for any information.