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    Supported OVM versions required

      Hi All,

      We are installing OVM for x86 in our environment on X3-2B where we have "Sun Blade 6000 10p GbE Pass-Thru NEM". Need to know which versions of OVM's are supported and will work without any additional driver requirement for the switch.

      As per the below link, it says we versions. But I am not getting the line in which they have mentioned about the versions. Requesting all to confirm whether I can install OVM 3.1.1 on my hardware mentioned above as per the link or does it say that the i have install a minimum 3.0.2 version. If so, which latest version can I use.


      Appreciate your time and contribution.


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          Bjoern Rost
          I think the line intends to say that 3.0.1 is not supported. On the other hand you can also check the OVM hardware compatibility list and will find that OVM 3.2 (the latest release) is supported on X3-2B aswell. It does not however go into much details about NEMs but I would expect OVM to support all (modern) Oracle hardware