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    Data Guard on Clusterwar

      We currently run prod databases (11gr2) on 2 Linux nodes using clusterware. We are planning to add a 3rd node
      that will be idle and will be used for up to 10 days/year in case one of the other 2 nodes fail. I'm now looking to protect
      the prod databases using data guard at a remote site. Again, we'll have 3 nodes in oracle clusterware with only 2 nodes
      active. The 3rd node will be used for up to 10 days/year if one of the other 2 data guard nodes fail. Fail over of
      databases at either site is via manual srvctl commands.

      Does anyone see any problems with this approach?
      I can't find any documentation on how to configure data guard on clusterware, does anyone have a link
      for this?

      Many Thanks
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          I do not see a problem though I do not comment on licensing issues ... check with your Oracle sales rep on that.

          Whether one node or 24, whether all active or some passive, you only have one database and Data Guard configuration should not change.

          Do not forget you have shared storage and Data Guard runs at the database level not the instance level.