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    Migration without downtime - Goldengate approach

      Hello all,

      We are facing a project where it is mandatory that the migration (from 9i to 11g) happens without any downtime. We thought about using Goldengate do to this migration. But i would like to listen to somebody who already did such kind of migration (i never used goldengate before). The basic steps to do such migration would be:

      1) Install the Goldengate client on both source and target

      2) Export only the metadata (structure of the table, for example) from source to target (here is one point of doubt of mine. This export can be only done using exp/imp?)

      3) Perform the initial load from source to target (here i have another doubt: It it possible to perform an initial load from a whole database?)

      4) Configure manager, export and replicat to perform the migration with the source database open in read-write

      With the steps above, would i be able to perform a migration without downtime? What other considerations do you have?

      Thanks in advance for your help and attention.