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    how i can create a pkg file?

      good morning, I use solaris 11 not only develop software but also as a desktop system.
      So I need some software like VLC and want to know how to make a package of these softwares an also how to upload the packages on a repository to use it every i want.
      sorry my english, i am italian.
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          Looking round the OTN for solaris article I noticed the following page on IPS Packaging:


          I noticed the following 'how-to' guide entitled: How to Create and Publish Packages to an IPS Repository on Oracle Solaris 11


          Which covering the following fours steps:

          Building the source code.
          Creating a manifest for your IPS package
          Setting up an IPS repository
          Publishing the package to the repository.
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            Please see

            Packaging and Delivering Software With the Image Packaging System in Oracle Solaris 11.1


            Copying and Creating Oracle Solaris 11.1 Package Repositories