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    Problems updating MSSQL Date field from 10g using dg4msql

      Hi There,

      I have a strange consistency problems with the Transparent Gateway when connecting to Microsoft SQLServer

      We have successfully (for a number of years) been using OTG for connection our 10g database to a number of different verisons of MS SQL Databases.

      However 10g is going to end-of-life/support and we setup an test 11g gateway and started testing. All looks good, except we are unable to update a date field in the MS SQL database using our Cobol programs.

      If I perform the either of the following queries in sqlplus version 10g, I see in the trace file that the DATE is written as *"dob" = CONVERT (DATETIME, '1992-02-02 00:00:00')*

      update customer set "dob" = '02021992' where "customerNumber" = '10046014';
      update customer set "dob" = TO_DATE('02021992', 'ddmmyyyy') where "customerNumber" = '10046014';

      Hence the update works successfully.

      When the Cobol program runs (Microfocus and Oracle PreCompiler 10g) and performs the update with or without the TO_DATE function, there is no CONVERT (DATETIME (XXXX)) in the trace, but rather the generic *"dob" = ?* syntax.

      Hence the update is not working when we use the 11g gateway. It works, and has been working for years, successfully with 10g gateway.

      Any ideas?