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    About Replication

      how can i make replication for full user in oracle database 9i
      i.e i need to replicate full user for anything done in it
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          Hemant K Chitale
          There is no "full user" method. Replication is by table or groups of tables (called Replication Groups). If you can group the tables by transaction definitions (e.g. a transaction touches tables A, B and C so all three will be in one Replication Group, provided that no other transaction touches tables B and Z !).

          See the Advanced Replication documentation for 9i.

          Do you want the replication site to be able to update data and/or propagate updates back to the master site ? Or do you need only read only copies of the data ? The former is much more complex to setup. The latter can be done using Materialized Views.

          Hemant K Chitale
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            You can use streams and setup as schema level stream replication for replicating user from one DB to other DB.