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    Need help in configuring JMS Out queue under Internal delivery channel

      I want to use B2B_OUT_QUEUE for one particular agreement. I have configured the JMS B2B_OUT_QUEUE as an internal delivery channel under the host trading partner.

      As of now, JMS Queue(B2B_OUT_QUEUE) is being enqueued by the SOA Composite successfully. When I set “Use JMS by default” option in B2B Configuration to “true”, it working fine, which means the B2B dequeues the message, processes and sends it to the external trading partner.

      But same set up is not working in case of internal delivery channel.

      Below is the configuration which I have done in the JMS channel under Host trading partner:

      Destination Name: jms/b2b/B2B_OUT_QUEUE
      Conn factory: jms/b2b/B2BQueueConnectionFactory
      JMS Provider: Oracle Weblogic JMS
      Message Type: Oracle Weblogic JMS
      Polling interval: 5

      Am I missing anything?
      Please help