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    DR Full recovery with issue.

      Hello Experts,
      I need you help and assistance for one requirement.
      We are having DC-DR Setup on oracle database 10g with Physical Standby database with MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE mode.

      On Primary System, our Redo log files and Control files are mirrored on 2 different Storage let’s take it a Storage A and Storage B.

      -> 4 Redo log groups 2 Files in each group one on Storage A and one in Storage B.
      -> 3 Control Files 2 on Storage A and 1 on Storage B.

      In above case,
      Suppose my storage A will crash and some changes which are in redo log files, which not yet archived will failed to apply on standby database which may result in DATA LOST.

      As I told you that we are having mirror copy of Redo Log and control file on Storage B, so is it possible to RECOVER my LOST data on standby database with help of Redo Log file
      and Control file of Storage B?

      Question 1: Is it possible to apply redo log files of primary site to standby site?
      Question 2: Is it possible to do full data recovery using redo log file and control file of primary database on standby site?

      I need your help and assistance to get answer on above questions.