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    ODSEE 11gR1 & AAA synchronization

      I am trying to get my odsee server synchronized with a AAA server, but i always get the same error:
      Closing from @IP_AAA:port - B1 - Client Request contains an ASN.1 BER tag that is corrupt or connection aborted

      the AAA server has its own entry in the odsee server.
      I really can't catch it.
      Have you ever got this error? Could you please help me solving it?

      Thank you
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          Sylvain Duloutre-Oracle

          It might happen if you synchronize huge LDAP objects, e.g. large static groups.
          By default, the max encoded object size accepted by slapd is 2Mb.

          You can try to increase the nsslapd-maxbersize parameter value:

          nsslapd-maxbersize sets the maximum size in bytes for an incoming ASN.1 message encoded according to Basic Encoding Rules, BER. Directory Server rejects requests to add entries larger than this limit.
          You set this attribute with the ldapmodify command.
          If you are confident you can accurately anticipate maximum entry size for your directory data, consider changing this value from the default of 2097152, which is 2 MB, to the size of the largest expected directory entry.