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    LOB performance issues on HP-UX

    Rabbit (user528481)
      Hi all,

      I'm looking for some HP-UX platform advise.
      A customer has a 110GB database running on on HP-UX, Itanium Superdomes. We are trying to convert this into SQL Server and it's taking a very long time. However there is a bit of a history. For years the customer has issues performing exports. While we can process that database in around an hour, it takes 10-15 hours to perform an export from their production system with minimal load on it.
      Now, during the SQL Server conversion, we have a similar situation. We can convert the database with several combinations (Source Oracle on Windows, Oracle on Linux, on a Desktop, a Server, SAN, local SATA disks to any SQL Server basically) in 6 hours on rather old development servers. A test performed onsite this last weekend needed over 22 hours. After looking through the log files I found that all tables without LOB's only take half the time compared to our tests, but the LOB tables take forever. For example a package transferring over 20 million records takes 30 minutes, but half a million images take 7 hours.

      Now I don't have proof, but I think the export issues and the unloading of LOB's have the same cause. As mentioned I tested several source databases with more or less CPU and SGA and have no issue and also can't find anything platform specific on Oracle Support.

      Is there anyone out there running by chance HP-UX Itaniums and could give me a hint that there is something wrong on that particular platform, some setting we may need?

      Thanks in advance.