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    Solaris 11.1 NFS RDMA symlinks not working?

      Dear list,

      We are encountering strange issues with symlinks in NFS-over-RDMA exported (ZFS backed) filesystems. We are using an Solaris 11.1 storage server to provide NFS-services to a number of CentOS6.4 clients. They are connected through Infiniband and using NFS-RDMA mostly works, except for the fact that symlinks are only readable/usable on the client on which the symlink was created. All other clients cannot access or follow the link.

      Switching from RDMA to TCP "solves" the problem.

      I found someone with the same issue on openindiana, but so far no answers on the list :

      Has anyone on the list encountered this as well (and is there a fix?).

      With kind regards,

      Jeroen Roodhart
      University of Amsterdam

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