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    Weblogic Upgrade Raodmap

      Hi THere,

      I am looking for a Weblogic upgrade roadmap for my environment. Several applications (up to 12 enterprise java web and web services applications) currently running on our Web logic server 10.3.4. I noticed the CPU patch was not available for my WLS release (10.3.4) that we currently have.

      What is that mean? Does 10.3.4 have no vulnerabilities? or Oracle stop supporting 10.3.4?

      The patches are available for releases 10.3.5 and 10.3.6 and 12.1.1. according to the newest matrix:


      I would like to suggest to start thinking about the weblogic major upgrade to 12.1.1. The question is how to determine if the upgrade will work for our 12 apps as we have Oracle Access manager 11.1.1 for authenitcation and authorization as a central location for all of our applications.

      What factors and risks are involved and should be consider for the major upgrade (from WLS 10.3.4. to 12c). Any thought would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Has anyone tried upgrading WLS 10.3.4 directly to 12c or minor upgrade to 10.3.6?
          Can you please share your knowledge/ experience in upgrading either minor release (10.3.5 and 10.3.6 ,...) or directly to 12c?

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            Hi 983969,

            Oracle does not make security updates (CPU) for products that old.

            The final CPU for 10.3.4 was April 2012:

            You can upgrade to 10.3.6 without any problems. I have not tried to upgrade to 12c yet, only tried new installations on 12c. I would not expect that there should be any big issues upgrading Weblogic 10.3.4 to 12c.

            Do notice that FMW products is not supported on 12c. So if you use any FMW product you can only upgrade to 10.3.6.

            Regards Peter

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              Thanks for the updates. I would like to know the following components impacts during upgrade/migration. We have more than 20 managed servers in each environment. So it is kind of hard to setup a sand box as we have OAM SSO. The impact would be high for us.

              * JDBC drivers (we use Generic, Grid link, and Multi data sources)
              * Security (We use weblogic security providers).
              * JVM, Java, and Permsize parameters
              * JMS
              * JAAS
              * ADF
              * JDK compatibility

              thanks in advance for updates.