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    How to develop Linear Indicator using Slider

      Hi All,

      I am developing a Video Editing software and wanted to develop a Linear Colored Indicator using Slider for Cut-In and Cut-Out.
      Can any one help.


      The Above URL will clear the requirement.

      Please help, I am new to JavaFx and unable to understand how this can be achieved.


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          So all you want is to have a progress indicator that has different colors based on it's "time in the movie?"

          IMO the way to achieve the color would be to first program your Slider by checking out this tutorial http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/ui_controls/slider.htm

          Now I believe based on your tick marks, and blocks, you can create a .css file to change the colors of the slider at different intervals. Imo it would be 2 or so different colors(it seems like you have a green section, and a red section) that would be created in the css file, and at the certain tick mark you would have an if statement like
          if(tickMark <10)
          Color = red
          else if(tickMark > 10) // or just else
          You could have have the colors fade in better and such, but that's how I would approach this.