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    Which instance in DG network shipped the log?


      I am wondering if there is a Oracle view that can tell me what is the source instance that has shipped a given archive log


      I have primary PR and four physical standby databases PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. There is no RAC involved. They are all configured and working fine. They are all configured to receive logs from PR or each other. In the event there is a network issue between PR and PS4, PS4 can still receive its logs from PS1 or PS2 or PS3.

      My question is, on PS4 for a given log how to tell where the log has been shipped from? I am looking for a Oracle view. I create an SR but no help (the usual look-here look-there cryptic response).

      By the way, I looked at v$archived_log where there is DEST_ID but I don't think it is the right answer...

      I truly appreciate your help in this regard. I am running 11g. (actaully


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          Withdrawn. Your system does not compare to anything I have to test on. I should have skipped your question.

          Would still look at this :


          You might be able to do something with V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS.

          Sorry about my first bad answer.

          Best Regards


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            Can you tell me what you mean by "Otherwise the NAME relates to DEST_ID ( Run from source of Archive )" ?

            I ran the select in my stand by database where I wanted to see where the logs are coming from (SELECT NAME AS STANDBY, SEQUENCE#, APPLIED, COMPLETION_TIME FROM V$ARCHIVED_LOG WHERE DEST_ID = 2 AND NEXT_TIME > SYSDATE -1 ORDER BY SEQUENCE#;)

            The NAME in the the output is fully qualified name of the archive log on the standby database. It has no indication anywhere in the name that it is coming from primary database or another standby. The source of archive is not in the NAME at all no matter whether it is coming from primary or another standby.

            Example output:

            20350 NO 25-MAR-13

            20351 NO 25-MAR-13