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      Sorry if you do not immediately go wrote ...
      Tell me please, I have encountered such a problem.
      Weblogic 10.3, access is granted only on https. I want to connect HermesJMS 1.15, to read JMS queues.
      binding - javax / jms / QueueConnectionFactory
      initialContextFactory - weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory
      providerURL - t3s :/ / localhost: 7002
      securityCredentials - weblogic
      securityPrincipal - veblogits
      The same libraries:
      Weblogic.jar, intkeystore.jks
      intkeystore.jks - a Keystore
      hermes.bat porpisyvayu-Dweblogic.security.TrustKeyStore = intkeystore
      -Dweblogic.security.CustomTrustKeyStoreFileName = C :/ dev/bea/weblogic81/server/lib/intkeystore.jks

      javax.jms.JMSException: Could not create InitialContext: t3s :/ / localhost: 7002: Destination unreachable; nested exception is:
      javax.net.ssl.SSLKeyException: [Security: 090542] Certificate chain received from localhost - localhost was not trusted causing SSL handshake failure. Check the certificate chain to determine if it should be trusted or not. If it should be trusted, then update the client trusted CA configuration to trust the CA certificate that signed the peer certificate chain. If you are connecting to a WLS server that is using demo certificates (the default WLS server behavior), and you want this client to trust demo certificates, then specify-Dweblogic.security.TrustKeyStore = DemoTrust on the command line for this client.; No available router to destination
      at hermes.JNDIContextFactory.createContext (JNDIContextFactory.java: 286)
      at hermes.browser.components.ContextTreeModelFactory.create (ContextTreeModelFactory.java: 58)
      at hermes.browser.tasks.JNDIBrowseTask.invoke (JNDIBrowseTask.java: 59)
      at hermes.browser.tasks.TaskSupport.run (TaskSupport.java: 175)
      at hermes.browser.tasks.ThreadPool.run (ThreadPool.java: 170)
      at java.lang.Thread.run (Thread.java: 619)