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    Cloning Live VM

      Is it possible to clone Live VM to different repositories?

      If yes, how?
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          Bjoern Rost
          Not possible in one step unfortunately. Cloning of running machines is only working for repositories that support snapshots in the first place (so no NFS) and you can only live-clone to the same repository. After that you can move the (halted) clone to a different repository. Unfortunately the latter can only be done in the GUI and not the CLI at the moment. If that was possible it would be a great way for an automated backup. I hope this is coming soon though

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            Additionally, clones are crash consistent on a per-disk basis. If you have a VM set up with three virtual disks and clone it while it's running, the resultant clone will be as though you took a snapshot of one disk, then another disk, then a third disk and created a VM out of them. If you have transactions spanning disks, they will be invalid.

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