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    obiee 11g tooltips/mousover/hover issue

      I have a client who has a database table which contains the tooltip text for each row in the database. She would like to have an image of a question mark so that when the image is "moused over"/"hovered over", the tooltip text is displayed without actually displaying the tooltip as a table column, she would like it to "pop up" only if the user decides to mouse over/hover over the image of the question mark, which is titled "Learn More About This Metric ...".

      Any thoughts? We're on OBIEE v11.

      Thanks, Dottie
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          Column Header Tooltip (mouse over) in OBIEE
          You can set Tooltip/mouse over functionality over column header of the
          table. You can add HTML tag within column header. steps are -
          1. Go to column format and check custom heading
          2. add html tag like <b title="My Tooltip">My Column Header
          3. Go to instanceconfig.xml
          4. Edit it and add tag - *<HardenXSS>false </HardenXSS>*
          5. Restart the services.

          Follow this URL ..This may be help full

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            I know I'm close and it should be doable. Here's my situation. I have an analysis with one column which contains what the user is calling "rollover text" for a particular row in the table. I removed the table view and replaced it with a narrative view with @1. However, I only want this to be visible when I use the mouse to hover over a picture of a question mark (which I have embedded in a text box).