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      There is possibility of effects do these with a anchor pane in css, for to use in javafx?

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          I would try it out? Create an FXML file and see how it goes... The code might be different with FX though.
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            Yeah, you can do those kind of page turning and fancy shadow effects.
            The syntax is a little different but the generated effects look pretty similar.

            Here is some sample css for a right page turn effect.
            .right-page-turn {
              -fx-rotate: 3; 
              -fx-translate-y: -2; 
              -fx-background-insets: 20 10 15 80; 
              -fx-background-color: -fx-app-background; 
              -fx-effect: dropshadow(three-pass-box, grey, 10, 0, 0, 15);
            And here is a link to some code which uses this css in an executable app you can just copy and paste to run.

            You can take a look at the JavaFX css reference for some more info: