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    Oracle Unicode Migration Scan Issue

      When converting a database to unicode, how do I get past the scanning errors caused by a table without rows, such as some of those in the Apex schemas?

      I get the red circle in a white x message, for any tables that have no rows (such as the Bonus table in the Scott schema).

      If I add a row in the Scott/Bonus table, and then rescan it using the DMU version 1.2 tool, the red circle in the white x message goes away.

      (I have the DMU version 1.2 tool installed locally on Windows 7, and am connecting to an 11g database on Linux 5.)

      There are at least hundreds, and in my case, thousands of tables that have no rows.
      So, unless I am missing something, the DMU tool won't be of any use until there is a workaround or fix for the scanning of tables without rows.

      - Mark