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    Unable to access Proxied Collection of UCM 11g


      I am trying to migrate content from UCM 10g ( to UCM 11g ( I created a collection and an archive in UCM 11g for this. Also, configured and outgoing provider to 11g server. But when I try to view the proxied collections from UCM 10g to set the target archive, it is not able to show any archives from the target server.

      From the logs of UCM 11g, I could find that request is going to UCM 11g server. But weblogic is unable to parse the request.

      I see the following error.

      <Malformed Request "". Request parsing failed, Code: -1>
      Please help.

      Thank you
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          Srinath Menon-Oracle
          Hi Rama ,

          Please upload the server logs for the specific action that shows the malformed request .

          Is this a set up where ucm 10g - 11g is being set up for auto replication ?

          Please add the following trace sections - socketrequests,requestaudit and enable full verbose tracing .

          Then replicate the issue and once error shows up , check server output logs to capture the exact information .