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    10g RAC Node1 VIP Switch to Node2


      After Reboot my Oracle RAC machine on RHEL 5.5.

      i found some MISTAKE

      [oracle@gvrac1 ~]$ /u01/crs.sh
      HA Resource Target State
      ----------- ------ -----
      ora.gvrac1.ASM1.asm ONLINE OFFLINE
      ora.gvrac1.LISTENER_GVRAC1.lsnr ONLINE OFFLINE
      ora.gvrac1.gsd ONLINE ONLINE on gvrac1
      ora.gvrac1.ons ONLINE ONLINE on gvrac1
      ora.gvrac1.vip                                ONLINE     ONLINE on gvrac2
      ora.gvrac2.ASM2.asm ONLINE OFFLINE
      ora.gvrac2.LISTENER_GVRAC2.lsnr ONLINE OFFLINE
      ora.gvrac2.gsd ONLINE ONLINE on gvrac2
      ora.gvrac2.ons ONLINE ONLINE on gvrac2
      ora.gvrac2.vip                                ONLINE     ONLINE on gvrac1

      on node1 , VIP IP Add change & same on Node2 VIP Ip .

      Pls suggest me , how to solve this .