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    Service to edit a component resource file

      I have a component that includes a htm resource file.
      This resource files contains entries such as:
      I would like to know if a Oracle core service exists to edit the resource file and permanently change the value of these entries? Or any other method that could help me to do that?
      Thanks in advance,
      Leo G.
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          AFAIK, no, there is no such service.

          In Admin Server section you can edit config.cfg file, but that's about it. Of course, you can create your own form/service to edit the data.

          However, what exactly is their meaning? Why do you store them in a resource file, rather than in the database? Note that changes in a resource file often becomes effective only after restart of the server (so, there's usually no issue with editing them directly on the filesystem).
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            I am using the SendMail component provided by oracle, and I wanted to let the user change the body of the mails from the content server interface. Our mail content are currently defined in some component resource files so I wanted to find a way to change it from the content server. However, I noticed that The Sendmail service accepts not only templates -from resource files- but also plain text or html during service call. I therefore plan to change how mail are sent by creating a secure file in the content server where email template are defined and can be easily modified. I think this is the best way to bring the flexibility I need.
            Thanks for the information!

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