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    Unable to render CSS


      I tried going through First site II for CSS but I am unable to get the break through.

      1. I understand that FSIILayout is the main template
      2. On this they are making call to :

      <render:lookup varname="StyleSheetTemplate" key="StyleSheetResolver" />

      <render:lookup varname="RecoAssetId" key="StyleSheetReco" match=":x"/>

      <render:lookup varname="RecoAssetType" key="StyleSheetReco" match="x:"/>

      3. I got the the stylesheetResolver but unable to find StylesheetReco

      Problem: Unable to find template by the name 'StylesheetReco'

      Also, I tried putting CSS in the way of AviSports i.e puttin them in css folder like avisports:


      but it is not picking up from that css folder. Do we have to register them somewhere or something.
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          I dont think you will find a template named 'StyleSheetReco' as it is the value of key attribute in the lookup map. Refer to the Map section of the template asset, you will find the value for the key attribute which could be a template name. Ideal way is to load your CSS files by creating them as assets and using fatwire tags to load it in your page.
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            Sorry for late update.. yeah.. last night after putting on this.. I happened to find that mapping that you are saying..

            thanks a lot for your reply..

            so what you saying is that we should make style sheet as our assest then use 'link' tag to call them ?? or any other tag you are talking about??
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              Yes you can use link tag only. You can store the stylesheet file as a blob attribute of an asset type and render this attribute as href of the link tag. Another approach will be to store the stylesheet code as a cselement and then have a site entry to be able to render it through a url. The relative url can be given as href of the link tag. Hope it helps.
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