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    Solaris 11 ldom iscsi redundant link for guests


      I have a T4-2 server that i wish to use ldom for virtualization with storage provided by iscsi.
      My iscsi target server share through two links on separate vlans and i want to use both so i have redundancy in the iscsi storage link.

      I am used to work with Linux and kvm virtualization so are familiar with multipathing there but Solaris and ldom is new for me and seems different in many ways.

      Do i need to have a separate i/o domain for pci_1 and use one iscsi path for each domain through vds and use a mpgroup?

      If so, do i understand correctly that i need to have a separate installation of Solaris in that extra i/o domain?

      Is there a simpler and better way to achieve redundancy for san link and network?

      Thanks for any help.
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          You don't have to have second I/O domain to achieve link redundancy, but if your concent is HA then you may want to create a second I/O domain. with second I/O domain you can cover almost all the case when you have to reboot primary domain.

          There are two way to create link redundancy, one is use IPMP the other is use LACP if your switch support. IPMP need to configure are LDOM level, LACP can be created at primary domain and map in to LDOM.

          each LDOM need a OS, if you don't want to install addation OS than use Zone, it will give you almost same as LDOM except Zone share kernel with Global Zone.