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    DBMS_DATAPUMP with degree (parallel), causes worker run on wrong RAC node

      Hi @ all,

      I have a very very strange problem with DBMS_DATAPUMP :

      - I have a procedure that export (every night) some objects from my database on a partition mounted only in the node 1 in +/exports+ mount point

      - This Procedure is inside a job, inside a job group, inside a service that force this job to run ONLY on node 1 of my RAC (Enterprise 11.2) , and the service works fine:
      #srvctl status service -d ORCL
      Service EXPDPNODE01_SERVICE is running on instance(s) ORCL1
      - These objects are grown and the exp require too much time. I have introduced the parallelism

      Now with parallelism enabled my problem is that the exp raise many ORA-31617 apparently for no reason but the problem seems described here: [ http://oraclehandson.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/oracle-11-2-datapump-ora-31617-ora-19505-ora-27037/] and I have confirmed this problem because i have found one Worker run on second node ...

      With expdp (application) i can use option introduced in 11.2, cluster=N but i want to use DBMS_DATAPUMP ...

      can you help me?

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