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    Records that I inserted with SQL do not appear in Tabular Form

    John Kay-Oracle
      Hi All -
      I have not tried to reproduce this on apex.oracle.com yet as I'm thinking this may be an easily answered question:

      I have a page with an LOV, a chart and a tabular form all based on the same table. Everything has been working fine with no issues. Today I updated the table using SQL Developer and inserted some new rows into the table. The LOV and the chart on my page properly reflect the new rows that were inserted via SQL, but the tabular form is not seeing them. When I select an LOV value that should return some of the new rows, my tabular report just shows No data found. If I copy the SQL from the tabular report definition and run it in SQL Developer all of the proper rows are returned.

      Maybe I am not understanding Tabular Forms. Is there anyway to fix this or do I need to rebuild the Page? Is the issue with the ROWID or something?

      Any ideas are much appreciated - thank you,
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