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    Customise Modify Standard Actions List of BPM Tasklist


      I am using BPM and have built a custom workspace that imports the standard adf task flow for the task list.

      Does anyone know if it is possible to customise the Actions that are shown in the stanard Actions list for task?

      I have been able to hide this using the task flow parameters, however Ideally I would like to show the standard Oracle system Actions (Release, Claim, Re-assign etc) but hide the custom task actions (e.g. Approve, Reject etc). The reason being for this requirement is to force the user to Open the task page prior to them being able to action the task.

      I have been able to customise the list in teh task page by editing the standard task action list to remove the custom actions (e.g. Approve, Reject etc).

      Any assistance would be appreciated

      Many Thanks