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    AutoVue dual monitor issue


      I use AutoVue Professional 15.1c1 (build 3420:1999/05/09) on a 32bit XP machine.
      I have dual monitors and AutoVue will only work on one of the screens.
      If I move the Autovue window to the second monitor it will go white and unresponsive.
      If I then drag it back to the main monitor it will function normally.
      Is this a known issue?

      Thank you,
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          Fethi Migaou-Oracle
          Av151.c1 is a very old version! You need to upgrade to a newer version of Av to get the fix for your problem.
          You will also get multiple enhancements we delivered over the years. Check out the release notes of each release since 15.1c1.
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            How do I find out if I am eligible for an upgrade to my companies license.
            The status of our license (are we current on our maintainence)?

            Thank you,
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              You can provide us with the name of your company and we can look up your license status.
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                Michel L�on-Oracle



                You can get the latest Oracle AutoVue products from the Oracle E-Delivery Web site at http://edelivery.oracle.com.

                For more information about Oracle’s AutoVue Release 20.2.1,

                Please contact your Oracle account representative or visit AutoVue on Oracle.com.


                Related KM Note:

                Now Available: Oracle’s AutoVue release 20.2.1 (Doc ID 1490624.1)


                - AutoVue Office

                - AutoVue 2D Professional

                - AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced

                - AutoVue EDA Professional

                - AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional


                Note: AutoVue no longer needs the user to enter a license key or a serial number in order to install and run it.


                NOTE: Even if no license key or serial number is required to install and run AutoVue one must still make sure to use AutoVue in compliance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement. Please contact your sales representative for any questions regarding the terms and conditions of your license agreement.