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    AutoVue auto fit to screen issue


      I use AutoVue Professional 15.1c1 (build 3420:1999/05/09) on a 32bit XP machine.
      I have the setting enabled to auto fit to the screen.
      However, when cycling through the drawings in a folder using the previous and next icons on the AutoVue toolbar, the auto fit to screen doesnt always work... i am constantly having to right click and telling it to fit to screen for it to work.
      Is this a known issue?
      Any idea how to resolve?

      Thank you,
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          Daniel Gariepy-Oracle
          Hi Brandon,

          I hope all is well, unfortunately AutoVue 15.1c1 is not a supported product anymore since it is a really old product. From the description it also looks like you are using the Desktop Version of AutoVue since you are mentioning the "Next file" button, unfortunately the Desktop Version is no longer an available software since it was replaced with the Desktop Deployment version instead and unfortunately the Desktop Deployment version doe not allow changing files located in the same directory (Next-File feature). There is an existing enhancement request (Bug 13837021) which request that the "Next-File" and "Previous-File" buttons are added to AutoVue Desktop Deployment.