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    Missing List Binding for New LOV for Compensation Worksheet Attribute

    Kaja Rajesh

      As part of our Requirement on Fusion compensation Application, We need to add a new LOV. Followed below steps.

      1. Created a new Read Only VO with NO Bind Params
      2. Associated new VO to the Data control of Seeded AM 'WorksheetAM'
      3. Opened Seeded VO 'WorksheetOptions5VO' in Customize mode and Added new LOV for 'NameforNewJob' Attribute.
      4. Now to Change the Default LOV option to Custom LOV, Clicked on Override Button and Changed the Default LOV to Custom LOV.
      5. Deployed the VO Components and MAR customizations to the Application

      Now whenever try opening the application, i am getting below error

      oracle.jobo.InvalidParamException:JBO-34009 ListBinding Definition :XXWFC_NameforNewJobLOV not Found

      Any Suggestion, what am i missing here?


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