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    Show/Hide custom metadata based on the Contribution Folders

      Hi All,
      We have created the custom metadata would like to show the custom metadata data based on the contribution folders in checkin & search screens. For ex: we have 2 folders and 3 custom metafields for each folder:

      Folder X ---> 3 custom metadata A,B,C
      Folder Y ----> 3 custom metadata D,E,F

      When we upload or checkin documents in Folder X, only metadata A,B & C should show up in checkin screen and for Folder Y, only D,E & F should popup. We have created profile for a parent folder S which has subfolders X & Y. We do not want to create a seperate profile for each subfolder as we have hundreds of folders. We want to keep one profile for each parent folder which correspond to a bureau.


      Please give us some pointers.