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      • 15. Re: Records that I inserted with SQL do not appear in Tabular Form
        John Kay-Oracle
        That was it.

        I removed the two LIKE clauses and the query and the report runs fine. I wasn't going to even include those in the query I pasted above because they aren't required values and I didn't think they would be causing an issue.


        It's so funny how I can assume I know what caused the issue and the solution is something entirely different. I was certain the issue was with the records I inserted into the table.

        Thank you so much Howard for walking me through this; I really appreciate it. I'll find a DBA to help me rewrite those clauses and I should be all set. The odd thing is they worked before I added the new rows, but maybe that is a thread for another day.

        thanks again!!

        Can you reply to this message so I can mark it as correct? I already marked your last message as helpful and I don't think I can undo that...

        EDIT: the issue was that the records I inserted had column_value = NULL, so that this clause was preventing any rows from being returned even though it is an optional value and is usually null:
        AND COLUMN_VALUE like ('%'||nvl(:P15_TRANS_VALUE, '%')||'%')
        The other records in the table all had a value for column_value hence I never ran into this issue previously.

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        • 16. Re: Records that I inserted with SQL do not appear in Tabular Form
          Howard (... in Training)
          Helpful is fine. I don't know if these things can be changed.

          Well, don't they say: "It's always the last place you look!"? Some of these can make you tear your hair out.

          One of my approaches is 1) to display as much data as possible to make sure the data values are what you think they are. Often, they aren't. And, 2) "believe the error message".

          Best wishes,
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