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    Print Behaviour in ADF

      JDEV -
      ADF BC/ADFfaces

      Use Case:
      Generate a barcode on a pagefragment (last one in the task flow) and provide a button to print the page with barcode.

      So far, I am able to display barcode on the load of page fragment on a page. Barcode is of code 128 and is generated using javascript. But, I am having trouble to print the page that has barcode. I tried with showPrintablePageBehavior but the barcode generated using javascript is not visible in the secondary window that opened.

      Next option, I tried was to call java method which uses window.print java script function to launch the browser print dialogue. I added the java method to actionListener for the "Print" button and i was expecting it to invoke the browser print dialogue which it does but again with out the barcode element. I am using div tag to display the barcode on the page. Please advise.

      I referred to below blog for invoking browser print dialogue.


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