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    Process to assign a project to view or table while creating in RPD

      Hi All,

      I am looking for option to assign a view to a particular Project while developing/creating RPD .

      Background : Created a view in production using MUD environment last week and reports relying on the view is working fine.Yesterday when i accessed the same RPD for addding additional columns view is unavailable.When contacted Admin they said that view is not assigned to any project.(Right click on view and selected project which is showing zero objects)

      Process i followed to create a view :
      1) Right click in physical layer of my project and new physical table and then added the query(It is joined with multiple tables) and i didnt deploy view(Today only i understood it leads to bad performance when it is fired).

      Also i imported a table for testing purpose even that table is not assigned to any project.

      Requesting to explain how we can assign a project while creating view/importing tables

      Thank you,