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    DB Adapter picks a row twice when batch of records submitted together

      Hi All

      We are working in a clustered environment with 2 server nodes (2 separate physical boxes). We are on using SOA Suite and are using BPELs. In one of the scenarios, we want to use DB Adapter to poll Oracle DB. Have observed that most of the rows are being processed twice in the environment.

      We have the following jca properties in our code
      <property name="PollingStrategy" value="LogicalDeletePollingStrategy"/>
      <property name="MarkReadValue" value="D"/>
      <property name="MarkUnreadValue" value="N"/>
      <property name="PollingInterval" value="5"/>
      <property name="MaxRaiseSize" value="1"/>
      <property name="MaxTransactionSize" value="50"/>
      <property name="NumberOfThreads" value="1"/>
      <property name="ReturnSingleResultSet" value="false"/>

      Also have the following properties on composite.xml for the adapter
      <property name="jca.retry.count" type="xs:int" many="false" override="may">1</property>
      <property name="jca.retry.interval" type="xs:int" many="false" override="may">1</property>
      <property name="jca.retry.backoff" type="xs:int" many="false" override="may">2</property>
      <property name="jca.retry.maxInterval" type="xs:string" many="false" override="may">120</property>

      We have also set the bold'singleton'*bold* property to 'true' and bold'activationInstances'*bold* = 2

      We did not see this behavior when on development environment or in an environment where the 2 nodes where on the same physical box

      Any pointers what we may be missing

      - Nirdesh