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    Issue facing while configuring IIS 7.5 with Weblogic cluster

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      Can anyone please tell me how to configure IIS 7.5 for weblogic 10.3.4. I want to IIS 7.5 as a web server which will route the requiest coming to the web server to the weblogic cluster. I have deployed an ADF appliaction to my weblogic sluter and I want to redirect the request coming to the IIS web server to the home page of my ADF appliaction which is deployed on the weblogic cluster. Please guide me to do this configuration.

      Also is it required to keep the entire ADF project directory in the IIS websites's root folder or do we need to keep the home page of my ADF application to the IIS websites's root folder or nothing as such is required. Please guide!!

      The IIS 7.5 has been pre-installed on the machine and I have to configure only. Also when I open a default page browsing the default website I am getting the following error.

      *"HTTP Error 502.3 -Bad Gateway The server name and address could not be resolved"*

      What could be the issue behing this error message

      Its really urgent. Please help!!