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    RAC database patchset on windows


      I have 2 RAC environment having 13 Production database with version of database, clusterware and ASM on Windows server 2008 64 bit.

      Now I need to apply patchset on ONLY one database due to BUG. Instead of apply patchset on all RAC database and upgrade planning for only one affected database. I need to below clarification -

      1. I am planning to apply patchset on clusterware and ASM only.

      2. Planning to install on new oracle home.

      3. Planning to upgrade one affected database from to

      1. Will above plan work for one database only.
      2. Will clusterware and ASM ( support both ORACLE_HOME ( and databases
      3. How we can setup clusterware for this new ORACLE_HOME ( DATABASEs.

      Anyone have any plan or suggestion please share.
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          please refer below link .......topic 1.2.4 Shared Oracle Homes with Oracle Cluster File System


          i hope it may helpful to you.....
          my suggestion is consult through SR with support.oracle.com.......
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            Jos van den Oord

            Yes it is possible to have multiple ORACLE_HOMES inside a Oracle GRID infrastructure. To check the supported and compatibility My Oracle Support for this.

            1. check compatibility of the components and make the design for your listener
            2. Upgrade ASM en clusterware. to
            3. Install new oracle software tree
            4. upgrade one database to
            keep in mind the Oracle Cluster Registry for this database has to change


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