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    Authentication scheme. Database accounts apex 4.1

      APEX 4.1
      Authentication scheme using Database Accounts. That is, all users that are in the local database can access the system.
      What you need to do to not all have access, and selectively? That is now in a database of about 25 people, with about 7 of them are active, the rest are either inactive or deleted. How to make access to these had only 7 people?

      The fact that users do not have APEX and Oracle (from the database itself), so I came to the conclusion that it is necessary not to let inactive users in the application itself posing like "you do not have access," made it through the function to test was the flag (active or not (1, 0)), but it still does not work.
      But maybe I'm doing something wrong ..
      Created by the authentication scheme DATABASE ACCOUNTS has fields: Source (pl / sql code anonymous block), Session Not Valid, Login Processing. I write down their function in Source. But it did not work.
      Why can it be?