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    Peoplecode method to get Webserver directory

      Is there any peoplecode methods available to get webserver directory?

      My requirement is, i have used third party class file (jar) to compare two files. That class file should not execute on application server, it has to execute on client side (ie) on webserver. Some of the Oracle users suggest me that, have to use javascript to execute jar files on client side. Hence i have to place my class file on webserver directory which means webserver holding the directory at the runtime. I need a peoplecode method to get the webserver directory. Please suggest your ideas...!
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          Hi sasi,

          If I understand correctly, you are looking for a way to determine a directory (dynamically) at runtime.

          use a URL and the GetURL(URL."URL_ID_VALUE") function to achieve this for you? This way you can configure the path and if you decide to change the requirements (read: directory), then all it would take is adjust the URL.

          Hope this helps.