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    Maximum number of multi-select list on a page


      I am using Application Express I have a problem in one of my pages. I have several items (123 as of today), and a couple of them are multi-select lists. They are all created the same... i.e. Based on a named LOV, Source used set to Always, Source Type set to Database Column... and they all work fine, except the very last one. It just won't save to the Database.

      I've tried:
      -Deleting and re-creating it from scratch - Doesn't save
      -Deleting and re-creating it from a copy of another working multi-select list - Doesn't save
      -Changing the display condition of one of my working multi-select lists to Never (to have one less rendered multi-select list) - Doesn't save
      -Keeping everything the same but changing the item type (text field) - Saves
      -Keeping everything the same but changing it to a normal select list (no multi-selection) - Saves

      So, I've come to the point of asking myself... is there a limit on how many multi-select list can be on a page?

      If so, does anyone know some kind of workaround?
      If not, does anyone have any idea why I am having this problem?

      Thank you for your input,