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    Problem changing the LDAP connector __UID__ parameter


      I'm trying to reconcile and provision data with from and to an LDAP by using the LDAP connector in OIM 11gR2. The LDAP entries don't have a NsuniqueID field, so I'm trying to use their distinguishedName as the UID. Reconciliation works fine, but provisioning fails with this error :

      oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.prov.ICProvisioningManager : doUpdate : Error while updating user[[java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter 'uid' must not be null.

      I've updated Lookup.LDAP.UM.ProvAttrMap to set the distinguishedName as the __UID__ and the Distinguished Name column (code key) as the distinguishedName field (decode). Distinguished Name is the field label of the UD_LDAP_USR_DN column for the LDAP User form. In Lookup.LDAP.Configuration, uidAttribute is also set to distinguishedName.

      Have I missed any other place where the UID should be updated?