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    Mapping local pc drive to X11 client

      Hi All,

      Was wondering if it is possible to have the local user pc drives be available to a X11 appliction, IE currently when in a X11 application, the user will want to save a report, it will save it locally on the host that has launched the application. We would like the user to be able to save this file locally ie on their pc C:\ drive or a mapped networked drive.

      Thanks for any info you can provide.
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          Yes, you can do this, provided the application server hosting the X11 application is supported by the Enhancement Module - that is, for CDM to work, you need to install an Enhancement Module on the application server. H

          ere are the supported installation platforforms for 4.70:


          and here are the installation instructions:


          This section discusses how to configure Client Drive Mapping for *ix servers:


          Hope this helps.